Hövding: The airbag for bikers / by Kwinten Lambrecht


What started as a master thesis project could become one of the biggest biking innovations of the last years. Back in 2005 two industrial design students from Sweden invented Hövding after the government had introduced a law that made biking helmets compulsory for children up to 15 years old. A lot of people argued that helmets should have been made compulsory for all age categories and this got the two female innovators thinking. As we all know, and certainly the fashion victims among us, wearing a helmet is not that sexy and trendy. Hövding could be your haircut saver!

Bikers simply need to wear a big scarf around their neck, and when the sensors track unusual shocks the airbag jumps out and shields the entire head and neck in a split second. Enormously inventive and completely safe and sound, according to research. Below you'll discover how a concept became reality in the Hövding promo video, made by Bikes vs. Cars director Fredrik Gertten. Enjoy!