Brussels: The anti-car lobby can cease to exist / by Kwinten Lambrecht

I was quite amazed when I read this quote in an article about Brussels' congested roads in The Wall Street Journal. Traffic is a result of policy measures that block cars, Alderwoman for Mobility and Public works of Brussels Els Ampe explains. A missed opportunity for Ms. Ampe to add some nuance to the urban mobility debate, to defend her Piétonnier/car-free zone that "gave back the city to Brusselers". No, it's all the fault of an 'anti-car lobby' that is making the lives of cars and their owners miserable.

But now, I wonder, who or what is that anti-car lobby? Which obscure organisation is making it so difficult for cars to drive in the city centre? Which movement constructed hundreds of kilometres of cycle lanes, buses and trams everywhere, closed parking lots ... to make the lives of Brusselers more convenient? I would be excited to know the answer to this pertinent question. Who is pro-community living and contra people in their cars, mostly alone?


But who are they?! Anyway, I would like to thank the anti-car lobby for making this city so great; Brussels got rid off cars, full of green zones for kids to play in, fantastic air quality, public space, big car-free squares etcetera. Thank you, anonymous lobby!

Here are a couple of tangible results thanks to the actions of the "very powerful" anti-car lobby:

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