I was Europe for one week by Kwinten Lambrecht

Last week I was curator number 13 of the I am Europe Twitter account. It's a project that was started by an Italian student (@arajacorp) and is similar to 'national' accounts such as @sweden for example. Through the account may nationalities can talk and engage beyond the so-called Brussels Bubble. Not only about European politics or the institutions, but mainly about life in general and the specificities of every country in Europe. 

Here are some of my highlights:

  • Crowd sourcing artists from my followers, resulting in new pins on my Art and Visuals Pinterest board
  • The #AskaBelgian questions that I was able to respond to, from my favorite dish to Belgian politics
  • Conversations about the next EU Commission President
  • The various exchanges with loyal followers about the birds and the bees

It was a fantastic week and I will miss it, I truly believe that initiatives like these can bring people together and can shine a different light on one's perception of the world. 

Below you can find all the tweets that I've sent during my week (6-13 April 2014).