The missing cycling links of Brussels by Kwinten Lambrecht

Recently Strava has made available heatmaps of cycling and running behaviour in cities. The maps 'only' include data from Strava users but when we look at the map we can immediately have an overview of where people cycle and where not. In the picture below we are only looking at the centre of Brussels but it's clear that there are many missing links.

The inner ring around South station is not used frequently according to data, while the inner ring near Rogier/Botanique is! Recently separated bike lanes were built in this area, which makes it more safe for cyclists to ride there. On the Boulevard du Midi and Abattoir cyclists have to share the road , surrounded by white lanes. But often cars park on the cycle lanes and speed limits are ignored massively. 

People use the separated cycling lanes on Rue de la Loi a lot while Belliard, which has not even proper pavements, is almost not frequented.

Other examples include the Rue Blaes and rue Haute, and again a lack of infrastructure could be the reason for less cycling. Or Rue Laeken, which could be the perfect connector between Brussels South and North. 

One can hope that policy makers will analyse these data to connect the missing links and to work together with each other. Since Brussels has 19 different municipalities it's not obvious that municipalities will solve the missing links by cooperating and communicating with one another.

The very light green lanes should become red hot heat in the coming years. That's what we expect from politicians with a 'vision hero'.